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$15 million-worth leads in 2 years: Schneider Electric scores big with Peoplr

Pathfinder CustDev
Schneider Electric $15M sales boost in 2 years with Peoplr LinkedIn
In the world of business sales, Schneider Electric faced a tough challenge - it took them 1 to 3 years to close deals, and it cost a pretty penny. To make things trickier, big companies had lots of decision-makers, and 1 in 5 changed jobs. But let us tell you how Schneider Electric turned it all around using Peoplr, LinkedIn, and CRM moves.
This is the story of how we not only made sales smoother but also raked in a $15 million-worth leads in just 2 years.

Solution implementation

To kickstart the strategy, we initiated the process by strategically placing banner ads to increase brand visibility and capture the attention of the target audience. Simultaneously, we took control of the Vice President's LinkedIn account, leveraging their prominent position as a key influencer in the industry. This move served as a powerful catalyst for establishing credibility and drawing attention to the brand.
Building on this foundation, our next step involved an extensive outreach campaign on LinkedIn. We systematically identified key decision-makers within dream client companies and engaged with them through personalized messages. This personalized approach not only enhanced our client's brand image but also fostered meaningful connections with potential prospects.
To further bolster our efforts, we enriched the LinkedIn profiles of dream company employees, ensuring a professional and appealing online presence. Regularly posting engaging and relevant content on these profiles helped to maintain an active and influential online presence, contributing to increased brand awareness and visibility.
As part of our strategy, we created a series of follow-ups with the engaged prospects. These follow-ups included friendly invitations to exclusive events, creating opportunities for deeper interactions and relationship-building.
To address the challenge of people frequently changing jobs within the industry, we implemented a systematic process of updating and maintaining the contact list in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This ensured that our client, Schneider Electric, stayed well-informed about the shifting landscape of key decision-makers within their target companies.
Notably, Schneider Electric had a keen understanding of the importance of keeping tabs on potential dream clients and companies. The dynamic nature of the industry, marked by frequent job changes among decision-makers, posed a unique challenge. Despite the abundance of decision-makers, Schneider Electric recognized the need to stay updated on all key personnel within target organizations. Our strategic approach not only addressed this requirement but also provided a comprehensive solution to navigate the intricate landscape of business relationships successfully.
The results we got:
  • Expanded network:
Within a year and a half, the company's LinkedIn connections jumped from 2,000 to a 14,000, almost half of where they started. We also added over 13,000 emails and 2,000 phone numbers to their contact list.
  • Enhanced engagement:
People started liking their posts more, with an average of over 50 likes. A hundred decision-makers were actively joining their events.
  • Financial impact:
Schneider Electric bagged opportunities worth more than $15 million in just two years.

Conversion matters!

Strategic invitations:
We sent out over 10,000 friend requests and more than 5,000 messages inviting people to their events.
Event participation:
Over 100 big shots from major companies showed up to their events, both online and offline.
Content visibility:
The ripple effect of the transformation was evident in boosted post views, averaging 4.5-5,000 per publication—a remarkable 10-13 times increase from the initial 300-500 views.
Profile traffic:
Profile visits underwent a seismic shift, escalating from 50 to an impressive 2,000 daily, showcasing the enhanced visibility of Schneider Electric's leadership.

What else?

By using LinkedIn, spicing up profiles, and keeping their contact list sharp, we not only shortened their sales cycle but significantly increased revenue.
Time to take notes and level up!