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Relaunching Russian tableware and porcelain brand through Peoplr's lead generation services

Pathfinder CustDev
Relaunching Russian tableware and porcelain brand through Peoplr's lead generation services
Our client, an undisclosed Russian company with a world-famous historical brand in tableware and porcelain, faced low sales volumes despite widespread popularity. Recognizing the need to target a younger and more affluent audience, he approached Peoplr to identify the values shaping the potential target audience and devise key elements of change to amplify sales and enhance brand positioning.


Peoplr implemented a Customer Development project targeting a nonhomogeneous, middle- to high-income consumer audience. By conducting extensive market research and analysis, we identified three key values crucial to relaunching the brand. For each value, we outlined three areas of change, along with specific recommendations to achieve them. Additionally, we discovered two priority patterns of brand loyalty development, providing important insights for the client.

Results and impact:

1. Value identification and areas of change:
Through our research, we determined the following key values to revitalize the brand:
  • Authenticity: Recognizing the importance of the brand's historic legacy, we recommended highlighting the craftsmanship, heritage, and traditional production techniques in the marketing and product offering.
  • Modernity: To appeal to a younger audience, we advised incorporating contemporary designs, innovative collaborations, and trendy collections to elevate the brand image and attract a wider consumer base.
  • Sustainability: In response to evolving consumer preferences, we proposed incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout the production process, increasing transparency, and offering sustainable packaging options to align with the audience's values.
2. Brand loyalty development:
Our research also revealed two priority patterns of brand loyalty development:
  • Exclusive events and collaborations: To strengthen brand loyalty, we recommended organizing exclusive events, partnerships with renowned designers, and limited-edition product launches, creating a sense of exclusivity and desirability among consumers.
  • Social Media engagement: Leveraging the power of social media platforms, we suggested implementing engaging and interactive campaigns, influencer collaborations, and user-generated content initiatives to foster a loyal and connected community around the brand.
3. Recommendations for expansion:
In addition to the brand relaunch strategies, our research uncovered opportunities for the client to expand into other ventures:
  • Tourist complex: Based on our findings, we provided sound conclusions and recommendations for launching a tourist complex, including potential offerings and key elements such as guided factory tours, hands-on workshops, and a museum showcasing the brand's historical significance.
  • Retail concepts: We offered guidance on the launch of three retail concepts, each targeting different customer segments. Our recommendations included experiential stores, concept boutiques, and a digital-first retail strategy to cater to the preferences of the modern consumer.


Through the strategic implementation of our lead generation services, Peoplr successfully identified key values and areas of change, along with brand loyalty development patterns, for our Russian tableware and porcelain brand client. The comprehensive insights and recommendations provided have given our client a roadmap to amplify sales, attract a younger and more affluent audience, and enhance the brand's positioning in the market.