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15 new agreements: Peoplr's lead generation efforts with Cyfield

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Cyfield Asian market breakthrough: 15 deals with Peoplr
When Cyfield, a leading real estate developer in Cyprus and Greece, set its sights on Asia, particularly China, they faced the uncertainty of an unfamiliar market. With no prior experience in Asia and an unclear roadmap, Cyfield turned to Peoplr, a trusted lead generation partner, to pave the way for their success.
Key agreements:
1. Market expansion strategy: Cyfield sought Peoplr's expertise to navigate the uncharted Asian market.
2. Innovative approach: Peoplr proposed a unique lead generation strategy centered around personal connections.
3. Multicultural integration: Leveraging the addition of Chinese-speaking individuals to Cyfield's network, Peoplr initiated targeted lead conversion.

What we did?

Peoplr swiftly implemented a two-pronged approach, creating client accounts tailored for the domestic market in Cyprus and the expansive Asian market.
With a meticulously curated target audience, Peoplr initiated a systematic plan. A trove of engaging content was prepared for dissemination across personal and corporate pages, forming the foundation of an initial lead funnel.
The process involved connecting with the audience, garnering reactions through comments and likes, and patiently cultivating relationships.
Success metrics
- Over a span of six months, the initial lead funnel amassed an impressive 5,000 leads.
- 2,000 leads responded positively within this period.
- In just one week, Peoplr's strategic approach resulted in processing the entire audience on the accounts.
- The outcome: Five face-to-face meetings and an astounding 40 online meetings ensued, culminating in 15 signed affiliate agreements.
Our collaboration yielded an exceptional success story, as the company later had a client from Japan who purchased an entire floor of investment real estate. This single deal generated an astounding ROI, reaching thousands of percent. While we may not be aware of all our clients' successes post-cooperation, this case highlights the transformative power of our partnership. The international reach showcased in this venture exemplifies the strength of our network. We look forward to uncovering more triumphs as our collaborations continue to flourish.
Breaking cultural barriers and transcending linguistic challenges, the partnership not only opened doors to new markets but also solidified Cyfield's position as an industry leader. In a world where connections matter, Peoplr not only delivered leads but forged enduring relationships that translated into tangible business success for Cyfield.

What we learned?

1. Cultural sensitivity: Peoplr demonstrated the importance of understanding and respecting cultural nuances in lead generation.
2. End-to-end strategy: The success story underscores the effectiveness of a comprehensive lead generation strategy from online engagement to face-to-face meetings.

Future commitment

As Cyfield continues its journey, Peoplr remains committed to navigating the ever-evolving world of lead generation, ensuring that success knows no bounds. The collaboration between Peoplr and Cyfield serves as a beacon for other businesses seeking to transform challenges into triumphs in unfamiliar territories.